AC Installations by Licensed AC Technicians in St Petersburg

There is a lot more to installing an AC unit than calculating the square footage of your home and choosing a unit! With installation services from St. Petersburg AC and Heating, you can rest assured that you are getting the right cooling system for your needs. We specialize in energy-saving solutions so you can stay comfortable without spending a fortune on AC costs.

Our AC Installation Services
• AC design
• HVAC systems
• Ductless AC systems
• Split AC systems
• Money-saving cooling solutions
• Energy zoning

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HVAC System Design
It is simply not enough to calculate the total square footage of your home, pick an AC unit sized according, and put some ducts throughout the walls! Every home is different and requires an individualized approach to HVAC system design.

In the past, energy efficiency was not such a big concern and most AC contractors would do the bare minimum when installing new systems. As a result, a majority of home AC systems are using much more energy than necessary. You could be paying more than TWICE what you should for cooling!

The biggest issue with HVAC system design we see is improperly-sized units, but other issues like poorly-planned ductwork and air flow problems also are prevalent. These issues not only cost more, but cause problems like uneven temperature and humidity.

When you choose us for AC installation in St. Petersburg, you can rest assured that your AC system is being designed and installed properly. As part of our AC design services, we perform the following tasks:
• Manual J calculations
• Building energy analysis
• Duct sizing
• Duct design (keeping ducts away from attics and outside walls)
• Fuse and breaker coordination
• And much more!

Sizing AC Systems
Do you already have a ductwork system in place and want to upgrade your AC unit? Don’t make the mistake of picking an AC system of the same size and expecting it to work efficiently. It is very important that you have your AC system professionally sized to make sure it meets your home energy requirements. Otherwise, you will have problems like:
• Wasted energy and high cooling costs
• Uneven cooling
• Poor airflow
• Humidity problems

We use advanced software and tools to calculate Manual J loads and make sure your AC system is sized properly. Our goal is to help you save as much money as possible on cooling while still keeping you comfortable.

A Large Selection of Long-Warranty Air Conditioners
We have a warehouse which is stocked with the latest models of air conditioners, including EnergyStar high-efficiency AC units. All models have been evaluated for their quality and value. Because we have deals with manufacturers, we can save you money! The air conditioners in our catalogue are backed by long warranties so you can feel confident that they will last you through the years.

Tax Credits for Air Conditioners in Florida
Did you know that you may be eligible for a tax credit when you install a new air conditioner in Florida? The government will give you back for choosing an energy-efficient AC model for cooling your home. Not only do you get a tax credit for doing something good for the environment, but you save money in the long run on cooling costs! Our Florida AC representatives can tell you more about how to claim your tax credit.

Fair Rates for AC Installation Services in St. Petersburg, FL

Don’t pay more just to stay comfortable! St. Petersburg AC and Heating is devoted to providing cost-effective solutions for our customers. We charge a low service fee for coming to your home or business and inspecting your AC unit. We charge a fixed rate for AC installation services which includes the cost of the unit and labor. Our technicians are Class A Certified cooling experts and know how to get the job done right!

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