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We are a leading air conditioning replacement company in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our priority is in making sure our customers get the total solutions they need to stay comfortable in warm weather without spending a fortune on AC costs. With thousands of customers served and a long list of positive testimonials, we are proud of the work we do and look forward to helping you as well!

Our AC Replacement Services
• AC repair and replacement parts
• HVAC systems
• Ductless AC systems
• Split AC systems
• AC duct replacement
• Money-saving cooling solutions
• Old AC removal

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Do You Really Need to Replace Your Air Conditioner?
Air conditioners are costly, so many people dread the idea of having to replace their AC with a new unit. While the initial cost may seem high, replacing your AC may actually help you save money and the investment can pay off in as little as 3 years.

As of 2006, all new air conditioners must have a SEER rating of 13. If your AC system is older than this, chances are that it is terribly inefficient. Keep in mind that 13 is the minimum SEER requirement. Many of today’s AC units have ratings of 20 and above. By replacing your AC unit with one of these energy-efficient models, you can save more than 50% on your cooling costs.

Choosing the Right AC Replacement
A big mistake we see in AC replacement is that contractors will just replace the old unit with a unit of the same size but a higher SEER rating. While SEER rating is important, it is just one piece of the puzzle.

We can’t stress how important it is to have your AC unit sized correctly. In the past, the standards for AC services were much lower than they are today, particularly in regards to energy efficiency. Technicians would just size AC units based on the square footage of your home. They wouldn’t calculate the many factors which are crucial for AC installation, like:
• Manual J load calculations
• Manual D air flows
• Static air pressure
• Air distribution systems
• Material performance rating
• Energy zone requirements
• Complementary cooling systems
• Dehumidification needs

If all this sounds new to you, there is a good chance that your AC unit may not be sized correctly. Having a too-small or too-large AC unit will greatly affect efficiency – you could be paying 25% more on cooling because of AC sizing mistakes! For this reason, we always take calculations to size air conditioning units before replacing them.

Replace or Repair Your AC Ducts
Your AC unit isn’t the only part of your cooling system which needs replacement. A majority of old HVAC systems have leaky ducts. It is common for duct leaks to cause as much as 30% of the conditioned air to get lost! If you are unsure as whether duct replacement is really necessary, we recommend getting an energy audit so you know where your ducts are located, how much energy is being wasted, and how much you could save by replacing or repairing ducts. Blower tests can also determine where leaks are located so they can be fixed.

Replacing AC ducts is hot, dirty work. In many cases, duct replacement isn’t necessary; other methods can be used to improve performance, like duct sealing and duct cleaning. If you have flexible AC ducts which are severely damaged or have mold growing on them, then duct replacement may be absolutely necessary. We use modern methods of AC duct repair and replacement to save you time and money.

A Large Selection of Long-Warranty Air Conditioners
We have a warehouse which is stocked with the latest models of air conditioners, including EnergyStar high-efficiency AC units. All models have been evaluated for their quality and value. Because we have deals with manufacturers, we can save you money! The air conditioners in our catalogue are backed by long warranties so you can feel confident that they will last you through the years.

Fair Rates for AC Replacement Services in St. Petersburg, FL
Don’t pay more just to stay comfortable! St. Petersburg AC and Heating is devoted to providing cost-effective solutions for our customers. We charge a low service fee for coming to your home or business and inspecting your AC unit. If you decide to repair your AC unit, we charge the hourly rate plus the price of any replacement parts. If you decide to replace your AC, we will help you select a unit and you will be charged a fixed price for the unit itself and installation.

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