Heating Services and Air Conditioning in St Petersburg

HVAC systems are one of the most common methods of heating and cooling homes in Florida. Because they are fairly complex, you don’t want just any contractor working on your HVAC system! We have a team of the finest Class A Certified Heating and Cooling technicians in St. Petersburg, Florida and guarantee you will be satisfied with our services.

Our HVAC Services
• Residential and commercial HVAC systems
• HVAC design and installation
• HVAC repair
• 24/7 emergency services
• Split systems
• Mini-split systems
• Boilers
• Furnaces
• Ductwork services

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HVAC Design and Installation
If your home does not have a heating and cooling system in place, or you want to extend your current system to a new addition, we can help with HVAC design and installation services. We are experts in what we do and take steps to ensure your system is sized properly and meets your individual demand. You can count on us to take home energy assessments, Manual J load calculations, air pressure calculations, and more so the HVAC installation is done properly!

HVAC Repair Services
From broken furnaces to faulty thermostats, we can help with all HVAC repairs. Our technicians keep a stock of replacement parts on hand so repairs can be made on the spot. In the event that a special replacement part is needed, we can usually have it for you within one day. For emergencies, we offer 24/7 HVAC repair services in St. Petersburg.

HVAC Upgrades and Energy-Saving Solutions
Many Florida homes are spending much more than necessary for heating and cooling. Even small problems like a leak in a duct can reduce efficiency by over 30%! We help by offering energy-saving solutions to cut your utility bills. Some solutions include upgrading HVAC units, sealing ducts, installing programmable thermostats, and creating energy zones.

HVAC Maintenance
Prevent breakdowns and costly repairs by investing in HVAC maintenance. Our technicians perform thorough tune ups and inspections of HVAC systems, such as lubricating moving parts, cleaning filters, checking thermostats, and locating duct leaks. Regular maintenance of your HVAC system can also help it run more efficiently so you have lower utility bills and help your system last longer.

Fair Rates for HVAC Services in St. Petersburg, FL
Don’t pay more just to stay comfortable! St. Petersburg AC and Heating is devoted to providing cost-effective solutions for our customers. We charge a low service fee for coming to your home or business and inspecting your HVAC unit. For smaller jobs like repairs, we charge by the hour. For larger jobs like HVAC system installation, we charge a fixed rate.

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